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The second half of this 12-week program tests your power production.

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Spring Strength Part 2:

At Week 7, the program changes to a 6-day split and we move into the Max Strength phase, performing 1-6 reps of each move at a heavier weight to test our power production. Lastly, Month 3 of the plan is a final muscle growth push; working out 6 days a week at 6-12 reps of each exercise.


Weeks 7-8 (Max Strength/Power): Rep Range = 1-6 reps

Weeks 9-12 (Hypertrophy): Rep Range = 6-12 reps

Part 2 Notes:

In the Max Strength phase, use six reps as your benchmark. Once you can perform each set for six reps, add weight to the bar. Just don’t allow your ego to take over; stick with a light progression of five to 10 pounds max.

The beginning moves of each workout—the big moves—should be for lower reps at a higher weight, then slowly dropping weight and increase reps within the rep ranges given. For example, on Week 7, Day 1, bench press for 1-3 reps and do six reps of the chest flye.


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Part 2: Strength Weeks 7-8: Max Strength/Power; Weeks 9-12: Hypertrophy

Week 7 : Max Strength/Power

Week 8 : Max Strength/Power

Week 9: Hypertrophy

Week 10: Hypertrophy

Week 11: Hypertrophy

Week 12: Hypertrophy